23 Cool Office Art Buying Guide

Working in an office is not the best place for having fun. You have to deal with the same boring routine most of the time. That’s why having something unique and interesting around you can help you to get over a bad mood or simply be distracted from stressful everyday life. Office art is something that can make your job feel more enjoyable, be a statement about yourself or your company, or even be functional. Cool office art can make you love going to work in the morning, and something that you think will make you want to stay after hours.

Office decoration is a very appealing thing for people with an eye for design and can bypass any sort of corporate barriers that might be in place. There’s an increasing demand for office art that can help liven up the work environment, but finding cool office art is not always easy. Here you can get some great options that would be a step up from the generic corporate art you tend to see in many offices.

One of the most creative and fun ways to improve your office is to spice up the interior with cool art pieces. There are hundreds of thousands of office art out there to choose from. Personalizing your space can bring tons of benefits. If you’re just starting out on this path, deciding what’s cool and what to buy is harder than it seems. To help, we’ve rounded 23 of the best cool office art pieces that you can get off the Internet with ease. Find them all below!

23 Cool Office Art Buying Guide- 2022

Every office needs a touch of art. However, it doesn’t need to be just paintings that you hang on the wall. You could also include interesting sculptures, photographs, or posters to decorate your room with. Since they are also a form of art that you can use to decorate your space. The main idea is that you want something original and interesting. Here are 23 cool office art that you can try out to decorate an office.

1. Blue Flower Canvas Wall Art Painting

Your office will be a great place to work with this unique, hand-painted canvas painting. This is original art created by a professional artist with rich texture and embellishments and sealed with varnish to protect the paint from dust and moisture. When you are looking for 3d wall art for your office, you want to make sure that it is modern, attention-grabbing, beautiful, and attractive.

This original blue flower wall art is the perfect piece to spruce up any office space. Blue and black swirled petals will catch a lot of attention and many compliments. This original canvas blue flower wall art is already framed with a hanger and ready to hang.

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2. . Original Painting Large Wall Art on Canvas

This abstract painting will make your room stunning. It is a large painting on canvas that is both unique and expressive. It is a perfect choice for home decor or office wall decor. The painting comes with an extra 2-3 inches white border around for framing, or it can be mounted in a floating canvas frame. It is unframed/not stretched.

This painting is painted by hand with professional artist-grade materials, and it has a great texture. The painting will be rolled and shipped in a solid tube to keep the frame from being damaged.

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3. Briskfeel Man with Sphere Iron Statue

The sportsman with a sphere statue represents strength and prosperity. A well-made sculpture that’s beautifully handcrafted in iron using the sand casting method. It features a simple shape, evokes strength, and gives a high ornamental aesthetics in any home or office setting. Bring that strength, creativity, and sense of power to your home or office with this man with a sphere statue.

This man with a sphere statue is the perfect way to demonstrate that you are a leader, a risk-taker, and a go-getter. Put it on your desk and watch how many people comment on it. A perfect gift for your friend or an impressive award for your best employee.

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4. Large Beach & Cloud Abstract Landscape Painting

This beautiful large oil painting on canvas showing the golden hour light over the ocean, sand, and cloud will add a focal point to any home or office decor. It’s easy to match your existing furniture. This original piece of art was created by me using professional grade oil colors, high-quality canvas, and exceptional technique. Due to the handcrafted nature of this artwork, each artwork has subtle differences that add to its unique quality.

This painting features a gold coast with clouds and waves with a modern, contemporary style. It is a perfect piece to create a welcoming feeling in your office entryway, over your sofa, or along an empty wall. For stretching or framing, this canvas has a white border around it that is 2-3 inches wide.

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5. JIMHOMY White Flower Tree Wall Art

Bring harmonious energy and add something bright to your walls. This warm white tree flower wall art is the perfect choice for wall decor and wall decoration suitable for office room, living room, bedroom, dining room, bar, etc. Artwork is HD giclee printed with a high-precision printing machine on non-toxic, safe canvas and wrapped on wood frames.

It is easy to hang, and it adds a decoration of modern art to your room. Nature is a beautiful gift for everyone, and you can feel it. This flower canvas will fit in any space, but your office is the best place to try it. If you want to add some positive energy and good feelings to this area, just choose this canvas wall art of tree.

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6. Modern Abstract Painting for Office

This 48″ x 72″, 72″ x 48″ modern abstract painting by Lena Gustav is an original oil on canvas and will make the perfect addition to your office or home decor or a great gift for friends and family. It is signed by the artist Lena Gustav in the lower right corner.

Make a statement with this striking abstract painting, which will add dynamic, vibrant energy to any room! This modern abstract features a powerful dynamic composition and bold color scheme. A perfect addition to any office or home, sure to be an excellent conversation piece. Painted on canvas, this original artwork ships in a mailing tube.

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7. ARTLAND Blue and Gold Mountain Wall Art

A stylish addition to the home office, this wall art is crafted from canvas with intricate gold and blue mountain pattern. The blue tones are sure to add a burst of color to a room, while the stark white and gold get your eyes focusing on the decorative flair.

Hold your breath as you feel like you’re up in the clouds through this magnificent mountain wall art. Make a statement with this stunning blue and gold mountain canvas wall art. The piece is perfect for your home office, living room, or bedroom with its beautiful color palette. The wall art comes in canvas wrap and a white mat board. A hook is included for easy hanging.

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8. Office Decor 40″ Painting Gavel Judge Hammer

Decorate your office with this stunning 100% handmade oil painting depicting the gavel, a symbol of justice. This eye-catching piece will give any space a sophisticated vibe that will make an impression on family, friends, and colleagues.

Perfect as a gift for lawyers or anyone who appreciates art. Fine craftsmanship by Koby Feldmos. This artwork is destined to bring energy and fun into your law practice. Certification of authenticity will be included attached to the back of the painting to be sure that you have an original piece.

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9. Modern Abstract Cityscape Brooklyn Bridge Painting

This is an abstract cityscape Brooklyn bridge painting. With its vivid colors and details, this modern wall decor can light up your office’s blank walls and refresh the look of your room.

This prints canvas art cityscape painting gives a fresh, natural touch to any space with its modern abstract design, making this piece a must-have for your home or office. This set comes stretched and framed, ready to hang on the wall. It’s a perfect wall decoration painting for offices, living rooms, bedrooms, hotels, dining rooms, bars, etc.

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10. Office Painting 67″, Oil Painting on Canvas

This painting is about the financial world, rising and falling, and the stock exchange market. If you are an economical person or work in this field, this painting will be perfect. Make a statement in your office with this painting from the artist, Koby Feldmos.

This work of art is a premium quality, a hand-painted oil painting created by the artist. Certified for authenticity and signed by the artist. The painting is not stretched and will be shipped rolled in a tube.

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11. Large World Map Canvas Prints Wall Art

Use this canvas print to decorate your office or home. Whether you’re an art collector or an enthusiastic beginner, get this beautiful large world map for your office or living room walls. This print is a great size for stamping your personality to any decor. It will be there for years to come and well-loved addition to any room.

This beautiful canvas art is printed using the highest quality fade-resistant ink on canvases. The large world map canvas print comes already stretched over solid wood frames, and the panel has heavy duty hooks attached to the back so it can be easily hung in your living room.

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12. 40×60″ Unstretched Wall Art Black and White Painting

A great painting is one that has the ability to give a new look to your office by simply hanging it on the wall. With a beautiful blend of colors, shades, and texture, this piece of art will give your clients, family, and guests a warm welcome and stylish ambiance. Entirely hand-made oil & acrylic painting on canvas.

The artwork is signed on the front and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Suppose you like to add some color to your interior space and create your own entertainment environment. In that case, this original handmade oil & acrylic painting on canvas will be perfect for you!

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13. KAWAHONE Inspirational Canvas Painting Wall Art

Transform your home or office space with this set of 3 motivational canvas quote prints. You can use this awesome bundle to create a daily reminder that you can achieve success with hard work. Filled with inspirational and motivational words like “Grind hustle,” “Execution,” “Motivational,” and more. High quality printed canvas stretched and stapled to durable shrink resistant frames.

This inspirational artwork can brighten up your rooms and make your life enjoyable. These wall art print panels are perfect for hanging up in any space of an office or house. Each gallery wrapped motivational canvas art will come with hooks and accessories, ready to hang.

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14. Pop Art Colorful Painting

Brighten up your walls with this beautiful and colorful street pop art painting. The canvas is printed on high-quality waterproof cotton canvas to ensure the print looks like the original painting.

Grab everyone’s attention with this exclusive piece of contemporary art for your home or office decoration. Available in any size up to 94″x47″. This modern artwork is printed using the highest quality fade-resistant ink on canvas.

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15. Inspirational Wall Art for Office

This motivational canvas wall art is beautiful, inspiring, and stylish. It is absolutely perfect to be hung on your office walls. It comes in 5 different sizes that make it a perfect fit for your space. The modern and inspirational designs will look great in any room or office background and make your friends admire your taste and style.

They use the highest quality canvas material in their products to ensure the best results and the most vibrant colors. They know how important it is to have high-quality wall art. That’s why this premium canvas is professionally hand stretched; gallery wrapped, and ready to hang when it arrives.

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16. Blue and Gold Abstract Art

Show your love for blue and gold with this modern abstract wall art. Add a burst of energetic color to your office space by hanging this beautiful painting. This handmade acrylic/oil painting on canvas could be a great centerpiece and an excellent conversation starter or simply an eye-catching piece of wall art.

This extra-large abstract painting is the original artwork for your home, office, or business. Working with it is also very interesting and enjoyable. This affordable abstract art is suitable for professional and home decor.

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17. SIGNWIN Framed Geometric Patterns Canvas Wall Art

Decorate your office walls with colorful boho decorative art geometric patterns. Presenting the colorful boho decorative art geometric patterns on high quality canvas ensures the best results in canvas print and painted wall arts.

This elegant, contemporary print features a smooth black frame and looks excellent on any wall. It is printed professionally onto a custom built canvas frame and is framed in any way you desire. There is nothing better than adding some unique artwork to your office or home and brightening up a room with them!

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18. Large Original Oil Painting on Canvas

Large and beautiful handmade original oil painting on canvas. A gorgeous landscape, full of life and colors! This artwork is a unique piece, painted with premium quality oil paints. It shows us how beautiful nature is, with a lake and trees.

This wall art will greatly decorate any living space and office. This is abstract art and boho wall decor. This original piece of art makes you feel like you are at the lakeshore, look at the mirrored water, feel the breeze on your face and enjoy this beautiful view. It is not framed and will be shipped in a tube well-protected for safe traveling.

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19. Motivational Wall Art Martin Luther King Poster

Brighten your living room, bedroom, or office with this motivational wall art. Perfect for those who want a constant reminder of what they need to do while working. With a durable polycarbonate back and unique design, this wall art will add inspiration and stand out wherever you hang it.

Decorate your space with this wall decor, letting you feel good in the office room. It has a variety of sizes to fit your office decoration needs. It’s so simple and casual, suitable for any home decoration style. So what are you waiting for? Just buy it!

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20. DECORARTS – Impression Sunrise, Claude Monet Classic Art

The first painting gave the Impressionist movement its name was Claude Monet’s famous Impression, Sunrise. It depicted a harbor completely bathed in the early morning light. Monet broke apart the traditional form and perspectives to express light’s reflections on water and capture the fleeting impressions of nature in motion. Today, DecorArts brings this iconic Impressionist work back to life with top-quality reproduction of the original masterpiece framed and ready to hang on the wall.

Give your wall an instant decor upgrade with this colorful and modern giclee art print by Claude Monet. With giclee printing, archival inks are used on acid-free canvas to ensure that your prints last a lifetime. An acrylic coating will ensure the artwork will last and keep it safe from dust, dirt, and light.

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21. Pause If You Must, But Never Stop Canvas Wall Art

Pause if you must, but never stop. Perfect wall art for your home or office because it’s fun to look at and motivational if you are looking at it right. Motivate yourself with this brilliant canvas print featuring the text.

This colorful wall art features a retro-style image of two hands on a typewriter touching keys that spell out the positive message. It’s perfect for hanging in your office, home, dorm room, or anywhere you need a reminder to keep pushing yourself to do better and grow. Available in five sizes.

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22. Traditional Chinese Painting Hand Painted Plum Blossom

Plum blossom canvas wall art could be an impressive way to decorate your office. The plum blossom flower has long been associated with spring, perseverance, and hope for many people in Chinese culture. Plum blossoms are significantly known as the traditional Chinese flower to celebrate the approaching of a new year.

Plum blossoms are associated with happiness because they grow in freezing temperatures. This Modern black and white plum blossom painting is painted directly onto the canvas by skilled artists with many years of oil painting experience. Add some flora decor to your office or home with this beautiful landscape wall art painting

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23. No Fear Motivational Art

If you are looking for a motivational art piece for the office to make a simple but powerful statement, this print is perfect. This modern and stylish print says it all. This motivational canvas art is even better live than in photos! It comes ready to hang and looks great on any wall. Get a dose of inspiration each day with this beautiful piece of art.

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Final Words

Whether you are looking for something to add a bit of color to your drab white cubical or want to inspire your colleagues, one of these could be just what you need. Don’t limit yourself by sticking with a boring piece and instead let some of the cool office art above inspire you. Always remember that cool office art is very subjective, and it will probably make more sense to you than others.

However, don’t be afraid to ask friends and family what they think of your chosen office art. They just might surprise you with their answer. All in all, buying art should be fun and exciting. You will soon see that the right piece can make a room feel warm and inviting, or it can inspire your work. Just keep your eyes open and try out different things until you find something you like.

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